so glad i don't get furballs

last night, i ate something that made my throat swell. now, i've carried benadryl and an epinephrine pen around for a few years once my allergies started getting worse (could they have gotten worse? evidently, yes). but usually i just break out in extremely sexy hives and get sort of nauseous. it's my sister that has the fatal allergies, i just have the very visible and annoying but non-fatal ones. i've been at risk for them my whole life though, and the food allergies just put me one teeny step closer.

last night i entered that territory. when the beginnings of anaphylaxis occured.

last night there was sheer panic. do you know how freaky it is to think that your throat may swell SHUT? (if you do, i am SO sorry) i took a BUNCH of benadryl, and climbed in bed with my knitting and my epi-pen about 18 inches away. and whilst knitting frantically went through everything i had ingested in the past 4 hours or so. which involved orange juice and triscuits (the study food of champions). to neither of which am i allergic. (okay, i also had a small sundae from good times, but there was only chocolate and ice cream involved.)

crazy mara, peach that she is, offered to sleep with her phone on her pillow in case there was an ER trip in my future, but i told her that the fire department is closer to me by about 3 miles than she is, so she could go to sleep soundly.

the story ends like this: i finally get knocked unconscious by the benadryl, wake up alive (hurrah!), but feeling like crap, and i can still feel my uvula resting on my tongue. which is just a revolting sensation.

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