i love that my friends are just ricidulous

[background: i'm doing a group project on russian intelligence services for a class with 2 awesomely fun people. an outline is due tonight. whilst discussing it via email, the following happened...n.b. these are all direct quotes]

me: Okay -let it be known far and wide, I hate doing outlines. That being said, how is this for a starting place?

Russia/Former Soviet Union
I. Historical Background
[actual outline content deleted due to boringness]...

Truly, that's about all I have at the moment - it's been a long, long day. Besides, who can concentrate when Britney just announced she's pregnant? Any thoughts or input?

partner #1: Thoughts? I was very surprised that Britney is pregnant. I can't believe she is having a kid with that Federline character. I mean I know she is a little trashy but he is soooooo trashy.

partner #2: Yes. Print that baby out and let's turn it in. Thanks for taking initiative. As for Britney, I can't psychoanalyze the bitch, but she does idolize Madonna, who probably talked her into getting pregnant.


particleman Wednesday, April 13, 2005 6:13:00 pm  

replace the title with "Contract Law" and you have an exact copy of the outline i have so far to study for finals.

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