small talk topic: the weather

not so long ago, i said i was happy because it was 72 degrees and sunny. see?

then yesterday, there was a blizzard warning for today. see?

today, they've upped the snowfall levels to 15-30" of snow. so i went to the nbc affiliate to peek at the webcam. and it is covered in snow. see?

it just started snowing about 4 hours ago, and already the (large) dog is up to his belly in snow.

the good news? i'll get to stay home all day long today to do homework homework homework. (yesterday i got to read a seriously seriously kickin' article about a. tolkachev)

the bad news? i can't get any work done when i'm at home and i'll probably wind up knitting alllllll dayyyyy long. i also don't have an espresso machine here.

the good news? i get to knit alllllll dayyyyy long.


particleman Monday, April 11, 2005 8:53:00 pm  

my classmate was in denver this weekend for his bachelor party. he called me this moring at 9 am. he'll often call me around this time to see if i read for that day's assignment or just to shoot the sh*t. when he called this morning, he was STILL IN DENVER. the bad news? his flight was delayed till 4:30. the good news? he missed class 'cause his flight was delayed till 4:30.

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