i'm changing the title of this post because it's been #1 on google when people google what used to be the title

today, i wandered around the inside of a mountain. the mountain that houses norad and northern command and strategic command, and of course was host to wargames a movie that was a staple in my childhood.

it was big, it was damp (seriously, the first humidity i've felt since i moved away from the south), and it was a bit of a letdown. i know WHY we can't go to the cool places, but seeing the industrial reservoir that holds the water, cooling the inside of the building, the 25-ton blast doors that take 35 seconds to close with hydraulics or 45 minutes by hand (ok, that was cool), and the air warning center (ok, that was cool too... i guess i wasn't impressed by the reservoir). we also saw the yoga room. and learned cool stuff...

okay, i had a cool day.

and now it's the weekend! yay!

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