hey, loosen up, you!

i just frogged kyoto for the third time. because i had used 2 of my 3 skeins of cc1 and was only 1/3 finished with the sash.

i have a problem.

i am a tight knitter.

and with the new spring issue of knitty, (yay!) there's a whole article on tight knittin' and loosenin' it up.

so i relaxed and for once in my life, my swatch is the right gauge as recommended in the pattern!!

yay! so i'll use less yarn and it will take far fewer stitches to finish a row!



Unknown Saturday, April 09, 2005 2:01:00 am  

That sweater ROCKS. Will yours be the same colors?

When are you gonna knit the WOMB? You gotta knit the WOMB!!!

heatherfeather Saturday, April 09, 2005 12:38:00 pm  

the colors will not be quite the same... the green part on the top will still be green, but in super 10 butterfly grannysmith (can't find a good picture of it... it's #3710 though), and the pink sash will be a purplish (3956 - tahki cotton classic) and i'm going to use the grannysmith for the cc on the sash... i'm excited but annoyed to be starting over AGAIN.

as for the WOMB, i'm unlikely to undertake that... but james did not long after finding herself with child!

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