vacation, all i ever wanted...

2 weeks without you and i still haven't gotten over you yet...

but i'm stressing about requirements, new internships, current internships, and that i have to take a class that will likely make me weep instead of going to romania for the summer...

so, i'm living for the 2 weeks between spring quarter and summer... known as summer vacation to those who get 4 months off.

i'm going to pretend i have no job, lay out by yaymee's pool with yaymee and crazy mara, go to the batting cages (i've been saying that for weeks, hasn't happened yet...), go to the movies, make halo-halo, knitknitknitknit, read books that are for fun, and in theory go camping on the sand dunes (i'm not really going to do that seeing how i hate camping and sand).

also, i bought the prettiest dress in the world, too so that i can have it to wear at some point during the break. or during other times. so, really, i'm quite flexible, you see.


Erik Tuesday, April 26, 2005 3:42:00 am  

i would like to see what the prettiest dress in the world looks like. just so i could say i've seen it. we've got pictures left and right of this and that, but when it comes time to see the prettiest dress in the world, a pic is conspicuously absent.

what do you say to that?

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