i mean, seriously.

so, today is one of my co-workers' last day, and so we're having a good lunch to celebrate (no martinis - the hospital has one of those "don't drink while you're working, fool!" policies).

on monday, i slipped over to à la tomate for a late lunch and got an amazing salad (baby spinach with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, grilled chicken, and goat cheese with balsamic vinegar on the side). when i walked back in, 2 people said, "oooh! that looks amazing!" including the one who's leaving today. so she said she wanted that for her going away lunch.

one person in the office refuses to eat any of their "recommended" sandwiches because she thinks they're gross. i told her yesterday twice and 3 times today she could make her own.

and i directed everyone to the website to look at their menu. granted, their menu isn't the most user friendly menu on the planet. too many pages, and poor layout. (remember, i'm the IT goddess in this office - yes, IT calls ME TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THINGS. i have a CS degree granted... wait, no i don't, i have a MUSIC DEGREE) so they asked me approximately 10 questions apiece (there are 5 other people here) until i told them to leave me alone, and i went to the website and built a menu into a word document to print out for them.

which did not help in the least. so more and more questions came. and they were tough questions:

  • what if i don't WANT eggplant on my sandwich? DON'T ORDER EGGPLANT is the answer
  • what if i want a tarte with just tomatoes, cheese, and red peppers? THEN ORDER IT LIKE THAT
  • i want a sandwich that i design myself, that's not one of the recommended sandwiches. can i have that? YES, IT'S CALLED DESIGN-YOUR-OWN (and i created a special subheading on the menu i made called: "[name deleted], these are the choices for the design-your-own sandwiches")
  • what if i want a salad with dressing on the side?

(are you with me here for the source of my frustration?)

seriously, are menus as a concept THAT tricky?

if they are, how did i ever go there my first time and walk out with food?

(yes, i'm feisty and bitchy today. this didn't make the process any easier on anyone. but REALLY)


Anonymous Wednesday, April 06, 2005 1:44:00 pm  

OK, let me just say, if you are a picky eater and over the age of 15, you should know that you just order things the way you want them and that's what you get; you don't go to places that won't make items "special" for you (i.e, McDonalds). Actually, even McD's makes things the way you want them now. Hello!? Do you make everything in your life that difficult?

semaphoria Wednesday, April 06, 2005 4:09:00 pm  

i think you should just make stuff up.

"well, you can order thousand island on the side, but NOT ranch. Tomatoes are optional on all sandwiches, but pickles are mandatory...."

heatherfeather Wednesday, April 06, 2005 5:10:00 pm  

i would starve to death if there were a universe where pickles were mandatory.

good call sema.

Erik Thursday, April 07, 2005 3:42:00 am  

i'm definitely with you on the frustration. although i don't like mayo or mustard on my sandwiches, come to think of it. i could pass on the tomatoes too, while we're at it.

dang it, i'm worse than your co-workers.

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