watching things

i watched elf last night. yay! random narwhale moments! yay! christmas spirit!

i'm watching the long way around right now. it's the documentary series on bravo about ewan mcgregor's trip with a friend (charley somethingoranother) and a cameraman on motorcycle that started in (i'm assuming) continental europe, heading east across europe, russia, asia, and the bering strait through alaska, canada and the us. i'm not certain but i believe that the trip was slated to end in nyc. today, they've crossed from russia into mongolia... it's so interesting. really interesting. i'd like to watch the whole thing if i ever have the time... wait school's over this week!!!

oh! i forgot. i dreamt that i bought not one, but two subaru outbacks (a blue legacy, and a red impreza sport) and my aunt made me return one. i also bought a cake for newborn keira. it was sort of a gross cake because it was 100 percent icing (or ice-ning, if you will). at least i'm not dreaming about school.

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