17 degrees without the windchill

It was chilly this morning. In fact, it was downright cold, and I had to put on a jacket before I'd let the creature out for his morning tinkle (I usually tough it out in a tshirt or tank top and pajama pants with flip flops until it gets to about 25 degrees... then I cave and this morning wore a jacket and stylish black loafers with my tanktop and pj pants).

Even if it is 17 degrees, and the windchill is down to 6, you have to VOTE TODAY. You are excused from voting today for only 4 reasons:
1. You're not 18
2. You're not an American citizen
3. You've already voted by absentee ballot
4. You've participated in your state's early voting (that was my choice)

I don't care how apathetic you are, or disillusioned by the American government, you have to vote to effect a change. Write your congressional representatives when you are displeased, but be aware that voter records are available to them, and they are more likely to respond and take action if you are an active voter (if you actively voted for them, they're more likely to respond, but they know that if they go to work for you, you're more likely to vote for them next time around). You have certain rights to be heard as a citizen of this country, but if you don't take advantage of the simplest, most accessible one, you're wasting my time and my taxes (and I even am a HUGE fan of taxes and don't have problems voting to raise them). And if you're complaining but didn't vote, you're wasting precious resources like air in a society that chops down trees like they're going out of style and therefore convert less of your windbag CO2 into O2 for us to breathe.

I don't care if you vote Dem or Rep (well I care a little, but that shouldn't concern you), just please hop to, little ones and VOTE.

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