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From the Christine Kane mailing list:

Happy Late Autumn to the good people on my email list,Tomorrow is Election Day, and I'm encouraging everyone I know to please, please, please vote. It matters greatly in this world today. I'm also reminding myself that whatever the results are, it is up to each one of us to commit to making our world more peaceful and loving. That is no small task, no matter who ends up in office.

My other request is that if you know people in or near Denver, CO, please let them know that I will be performing at the main theater at Swallow Hill this coming Friday night, November 5. Most of my shows this fall have had good audiences primarily because of word-of-mouth and mailing list. I thank you for this. I couldn't do this without your support. I've been traveling pretty much constantly.

And because I feel compelled to tell at least one stupid story, here's a cat moment from last week: I was home for the full moon, and it was gorgeous. I was standing outside in the dark calling my cat Gracie, and weaving all sorts of witch-ly stories about my mysterious cat, and how she must be out casting spells beneath the moon, or doing some sort of goddess ritual. Then, from down the street, she came charging towards me with something in her mouth. I was pretty scared because I didn't want to have to extract and rescue a mole or bunny. (Gracie's never caught anything before.) But then she ran right past me. And what was in her mouth was a big slice of pizza. She looked up as she ran past with sheer panic in her eyes, as if to say "Quick! Open the back door, and I'll give you some!" So much for the goddess. Thanks again to each of you. I'll see you soon!

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