Punchies continue

And why are so many places like Hogwarts... I can never find the same place twice lately... stuff keeps moving... It's also sort of like the Department of Mysteries. And last night we had an excellent reference in class to Harry Potter... Good times.

Anyhow, I'm scaling back my hours significantly at work over the next 2 weeks so I have time to work on my papers and finals and whatnot. I sorta want to cry lately over the amount of work I have to do. And I have indeed started researching most (although not all) of my papers. It's the CP final that has me growing an ulcer.

I went to sleep last night at 10. The night before, at 9.... It was NIIIIICE to get sleep. And then the puppy dog woke me up this morning at 1:45 to go outside, and then when he woke me again later, I thought, no way, we're waiting until the alarm goes off... then I peeked at the alarm and it was already 5:20, and I had set it for 4:45 pm... So props to the princess for waking me.

Thanksgiving week is going to be so nice... I'm off on Monday (and taking Peipei the Panda to the airport - I haven't forgotten), Tuesday I go in late so that I can stay until 8 that night and hear a free chamber music concert at work (one of my projects - it's moments like those that make me LOVE my job), Wednesday, well is Wednesday, I work a full day, then off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving!

You people who will be displaced on Thanksgiving (i.e. DU people without family in the area) are hereby invited to my house for pseudoThanksgiving. Details to follow.

Got my schedule for winter quarter last week... forgot to talk about it in the rush of the election:
-Strategic Intelligence and Data Collection
-International Political Theory (technically called International Politics Theory, but I'm certain that is incorrect - If they wanted to use politics, they should have called it Theory of International Politics)
-Conflict Resolution
-Emerging Diseases in International Affairs

Will I be busy? Yup. Will my hair likely fall out? Yup. But am I excited about all of my classes? Well, most of them (not so much IPT - I don't like theory, and I hear that class is HARD).

Okay, I gots to work.

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