Tuesday morning

My Peipeipei and my Mara have gone away for Thanksgiving... I may wind up alone on Thanksgiving. Then again, I may not. It's all up in the air.

Yesterday, I was going to clean the house top to bottom, stem to stern, but wound up helping Crazy Mara finish her paper edits and format the works cited. So we wound up going to school to turn the paper in, then getting some foodies, then getting the WEIRDEST mani/pedi (her treat for editing - thanks!) ever from the WEIRDEST people EVER, then to Target where I got lightbulbs for the lamp that's been in my car for 3 weeks that I bought for $10. It's cute (the lamp, the mani, and the pedi, I suppose). And now I work. And there's the symphony tonight at work. So free dinner of appetizers and cocktails. One interesting, unexpected, and fun perk of the ol' jobster.

Tomorrow Ernie turns 5. 5!!! He's such a little doggy inside... his outsides just don't reflect it... And it's been coooold at nights, but I have to leave the windows cracked because the people upstairs control the thermostat and they leave it BLASTING all night long. So it's hot air, humidifier, open window, and millions of blankets. So Ernie often crawls up to the top of the bed (he usually sleeps at the foot, and gradually works his way to the middle, forcing me from it) and snuggles my back and shoulders...and aw, nuts... I need to make a Christmas Kennel reservation for him Post-Haste!)

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