meltdown expected...i live by the river

90% of my putin paper that's due wednesday is done.

0% of my putin paper that's due tomorrow is done. guess what i'm working on all day long?

ernie very cuddly but sad that i have so little time to devote to him lately.

in the mood to watch toys to hear ll cool j say he likes his food military style, and that it bothers him to have his peas invading his mashed potatoes.

nice long conversation via IM with james the chick (aka fred) to make me happy and make me miss her.

bob is my favorite.

okay. need shower, breakfast, coffee and to go to the library since i don't work well at home. (happy peppermint mocha season at starbucks! not quite CBTL's holidday mint lattes, but there aren't any CBTLs out here.... or sephoras. or trader joe's.)

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