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I've been overwhelmed with school lately. Not precisely overwhelmed, but superbusy. But yesterday I said goodbye to my two favorite classes... they made Mondays wunnerful. I still have a paper to write for one of them, but it's not due until Friday and it's going to be interesting to write.

Condi Rice is being tapped unofficially as of yet for the next Secretary of State. That will make my school VERY happy (she's a DU alum, as well as a GSIS grad). I'm sad to see Powell go, he was the most vocal flea in Bush's ear, but likewise I understand why that's undesirable in a Secy. of State.

Lastly, I keep trawling my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's blog, for she always has interesting stuff. (Dysfunctional? Yup. Anyhow, interesting stuff.) For instance, go here and learn a tiny bit about the dualist philosophy Manichaeism (from which Augustine converted to Christianity) as it relates to Bush. It's interesting, and was my favorite part of my seminar on Augustine I tried to take my sophomore year of college before the prof. told me it was open only to jrs and srs... There's also a fabulous breakdown of dualism in general in a CS Lewis book... I can't remember which book right now...The 4 Loves? The Problem of Pain? Mere Christianity? It's currently eluding me. Anyhow that's it.

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