weird dreams again

i had a dream involving a weird scavenger hunt. i was with my uncles and ernie, and we didn't know we had to go on a scavenger hunt until we found an eggo waffle with a sheet of ice over it with the clues stamped into the ice.

unfortunately, half of the clues melted before we could write them down. but we got most of them. we piled into a van, and drove around, following as many of the directions as we could, and ultimately found the first location (so we thought) on the trip - an amphibious plane, 3 small boats, and a dinghy. which was located about 2 miles from a ship laden with chemicals on fire.

but someone figured out that before we could take the plane, we had to take a certain route and make a stop in a field off the road, a clearing in a small wood. we did, and found 2 people in a unicorn costume. which turned into an actual unicorn (in my dream, the unicorn was brown and shaggy and about the size of a shetland pony. i rather like this concept of unicorns. way to go subconscious!). ernie got out of the van when i got out to figure out what to do, and i was afraid he'd attack the unicorn. (talk about bad luck) but he and the unicorn played in the field, and the unicorn had a unicolt and the three of them were playing for a bit before i figured out i had to get the unicorns back into their own van safely. finally i did - the tricky part was getting ernie OUT of the unicorns' van. we got back in the car and were awarded a flyer that said something along the lines of "following your corral time of the unicorns, you are awarded an 80s genre." something that said we had to dress and talk like we were in the 80s for the rest of the hunt. if ernie hadn't been so playful we could have stayed in our contemporary clothes.

we started driving back toward the fire and the plane/boats/dinghy, and i woke up somewhere along the way...

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