that was unexpected

last night i met up with the inimitable particleman and his friends in wash park. we got there in the midst of them doing stupid human tricks. i wanted to pick up the dollar bill with my teeth, but wasn't wearing pants with a high enough rise. so, when john offered to do a human body traverse, i said i'd let him traverse me (not a euphemism).

unfortunately, he was worried about it, so he got halfway over me, and i asked him to stop so that i could reorient my stance. he stopped entirely and decided to traverse carrico (who is about a foot taller than i - as is john, coincidentally).

and i got to video tape it. (it's dark - it was night, and there wasn't great lighting, but you should get the idea) (also, honey is a dog)

then we went to funky buddha, wherein we were met up by pei and crew.

particleman is too much fun. and i almost got climbed last night. we may meet up again on monday and maybe i'll remember pictures then. other than that, i've got to take dani to the airport now.

bye dani. bye bye.

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