still not cohesive

so i'll just post a bunch of stuff. again.

yaymee says that she's sending me the santa fe pix today... yay! i'll probably even be motivated to talk about the trip since i know you're dring to know what i do when i'm away from the computer.

funniest sentence read yesterday: "...she wanted someone to rescue her from the crazed, butt-closing lunatic."

most surreal thing i've seen today: good wife's guide (snopes says it's probably fake. whew.)

trivia learned this morning: today is the 40th anniversary of the studio recording of bob dylan's "like a rolling stone."

tomorrow is my 1-year anniversary at my job. why, yes, i DO still work for the temp agency without benefits. thanks for noticing!

if you clicked on the link in the snippet above, you'll see that someone thought that i had watched a lakers game. i can honestly say i have never watched more than 3 consecutive minutes of basketball in my life.

i just smashed my right ring finger inserting casters into their sleeve so it will stay in the crate i bought them for. it hurts like a mofo and is hard to type not using a ring finger. it's also bleeding quite freely now. woohoo!

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