w.i.p. photos finally!

i don't have a digital camera except for the one on my phone which blows. so i brought my knitting to work. here's a peek at kyoto:

and a peek at the seed detail

i still need to do some weaving in of ends and the seed detail for the collar and finish sewing 1 sleeve closed, as well as finish attaching the sash to the top. but it looks like a something now instead of a bunch of little things that don't look like anything. the tension's nightmarish (i don't recommend putting down stockinette for 6 weeks and picking it up, expecting the tension to match exactly) but all in all i'm relatively pleased!

and here's a peek at lelah:

if you're wondering, that's NOT a lock (like julynn thought) to keep other people from working on it when i'm not working, that's a stitch marker.

Update: so, i just learned that i do a twisted knit stitch for my knits. i never knew this. and i think i will hate knit stitches less and love purl stitches less if i switch. and i have just confirmed that i'm a continental knitter to boot. interesting the things you learn by actually reading how to do them. knowing all of these things, james, i should confirm that yer mama was a continental knitter.


Unknown Tuesday, June 14, 2005 4:19:00 pm  

WOW. How have mad knitting skillz. YES, that was with a Z because your skills are THAT impressive!! Nice work!

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