lelah report

i knitted like a madwoman this weekend, and while lelah's not done, it needs only about 4 more inches of stockinette on the top and then i'll add strapolas to boot. i have the ribbon at the ready. however, 4 inches of stockinette in sportweight yarn on #5 needles takes a while to do, much less do well. i figure that it takes about 32 more rows (or at least that's what my swatch tells me) to make it decent. and since i've got 172 stitches per row, it will require 5504 stitches to finish that sans straps. however this weekend i did 9 repeats of the lace and 7 inches of stockinette, so considering i just restarted it last week, it's gone pretty quickly! or i've procrastinated all weekend by knitting.

i went to buy the ribbon for lelah yesterday and really wanted to buy some really soft yarn. it was fuzzy but the softest yarn ever. since i am opposed to fun fur, i felt weird loving it, but it felt much more like angora than the dreaded eyelash yarn. i want to start soleil when lelah and yaymee's birthday product are done and need to select the yarn for that bad boy!

anyhow, i'm making yaymee a branching out for her birthday - we're gong to pick out the yarn (douceur et soie) on thursday or friday so that i can start it even though her birthday's not until october, because if i start it in september, it won't be done until she's in burkina faso.


Anonymous Tuesday, June 21, 2005 1:26:00 am  

I have never wanted cold weather to come so quickly so I can wear the gorgeous scarf Heather is making! And we all know how I feel about cold...so that's saying a heck of a lot. I will wear this scarf an ample amount once I am in Mongolia. It will be the only thing able to keep me warm!

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