since i'm on summer vacation knitting is the thing i do more than sleep so since sleep is boring to talk about i discuss knitting a lot.

i started yaymee's branching out last night. i did 2 repeats of the pattern, screwed the last one up and tried to frog just that one repeat and wound up frogging down to the garter stitch and re-doing it. every know and then i find a hole in the middle of a leaf (caterpillars?) but don't really mind that - it will remind her that it's handknit. but about 10 repeats into the pattern this afternoon (seriously, i've been staying up until 2 knitting and then getting up at 7 to knit more) i did something so dreadful i nearly wept.

i dropped a stitch. because of all the yo's, and ssk's, and sl2-k-p2sso's, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT MAY HAVE GONE. let the blue language begin.

so i put it down and started my sister's scarf that i began in january and frogged so i could do a prettier cable pattern. because my row counter goes up to 99, i chose the pattern that repeats every 24 rows instead of the one that repeats every 132 rows or so (yes, i know i could roll over and be relatively certain i'm not on row 2 when i'm really on 102, but the less thinking the better. that's what i always say) the cable pattern i got is from girl from auntie. and upon recollection, it appears to be the same pattern that freddie used to make her daddy a birthday scarf.

i'm making that scarf with rowan polar, a lovely, chunky wool/alpaca blend that i just learned has been DISCONTINUED. so i bought myself a single splurge skein with which to do a lace scarf of some sort. it's the first week of summer and all i've got in the work are scarves.

however, i also bought some cottontots with which to make a minisweater with i-cord ties and non-poofy sleeves, and a sarah tank which i've chosen over a soleil. white and lilac, respectively.

in more knitting news, i taught pei lo mein how to knit, purl, cast on, and do ribbing. she's going to start with a scarf to get comfy wielding the needles, and then she wants to make a tempting.

in sleep news, i fell asleep this afternoon during macguyver.

in non sleep or knitting news, RACHEL HAS A BLOG! in that blog, i learned that tel aviv looks a lot like balboa beach in the o.c. also that i do NOT understand israeli doorknobs.

in final knitting news, i found what i would love to make for mara's birthday...


rachel Saturday, June 25, 2005 8:15:00 am  

hey heather, thanks for the shout out! I looked at the door knob in the photo that I posted, and I think that you are looking at the keyhole (which is a normal key hole but i guees it could look like a knob from straight on). The keyhole is placed UNDER the the door handle, which is the lever type. Does this clear up the confusion?

heatherfeather Saturday, June 25, 2005 1:20:00 pm  

YES! i get it now... tricky doorknobs...

Anonymous Monday, June 27, 2005 2:14:00 am  

I know it might take awhile to figure out the eggs and sausage purse, but it would definitely be worth it!!!! --Yaymee!

Anonymous Monday, June 27, 2005 2:16:00 am  

Oh my! I just looked at it again and noticed the massive amount of bacon on the hat! SO PERFECT! --Yaymee!

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