more on matty's band

so, if you went to the mtv site for you hear it first (i don't have time to redo all the links - they're in the previous post), you'll see matty phatty in the maroon shirt from the screen caps, and wearing the striped tie in the publicity photos.

if you went to their website (which i KNOW you did because you're good and obedient and you fear that wrath of heatherfeather), you get to listen to five (FIVE!) complete tracks! may i be so bold as to highly recommend "bang theory," "tit for tat," and "grammarian"? yes, i may.

if you happen to be so lucky as to live in a town where they're playing soon (unlike me, but i was promised at least a single tour stop in colorado) go see them!

and remember, punches comes out tomorrow so buy it.

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