great flaming monkeys of productivity!

i have 4 w.i.p.s right now. yes, FOUR. usually, i will have maybe about 2 w.i.p.s, just to give me a different color yarn to look at every now and then.

but i'm working on:

  • yaymee's branching out out of microspun in lime
  • a sarah tank for me out of lilac cottontots (there's a mistake in the pattern, it should be *p2tog, yo (k1, yo) five times, p2tog* and i'm still trying to figure out how to get the lace patterns to line up because they just don't... maybe start the lace row 2 stitches before the beginning of the row? so i keep getting to the beginning of the second lace row and getting frustrated and working on other things... i also can't find christine's email address on her page to ask!! i'll look again.
  • my sister's cabled scarf out of rowan polar in smirk (sniff - why would they discontinue this?)
  • and a peruvian for a friend (surprise - don't know if they read this regularly or not) out of something or another

granted, i started the peruvian last night at about 9 and went to bed at 10 with it 70% finished, so that will bring me down to 3 w.i.p.s not long after i get home tonight. but still, 4 is a lot for me.

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