no f.o., almost a new w.i.p.

i've knitted more this weekend than i did all last quarter. i'm 85% done with the second sleeve of kyoto, leaving me with just the left front panel (took about 3 hours to do the right one) and the border. i've got the tapestry needles ready, so hopefully it will be done before yayms and i head out to santa fe on friday. not because it will be particularly cold (however 100% cotton sweaters aren't the warmest things ever), but so that i can bring a BRAND NEW PROJECT! i can't handle having multiple w.i.p.s so i usually finish one before starting another.

what about the lovely cabled scarf i'm making for my sister that i started in january? well, i frogged that baby because i was knitting SOOOO tightly that i used almost a whole hank of rowan polar (in smirk!) on 3 feet of scarf. that, and it's june and she lives in southern california so there's not much hurry on that one.

so yesterday i bought the stuff to start on my own lelah! i actually bought some lion brand microspun yarn in coral. and it is softer than just about everything i have ever touched. it's a bit smaller than the gauge in the pattern but with a golden calculator to divide (to divide!) i'm going to try fudging it and having more of the fishtail patterns. it's also my first foray into lace patterns (now that i have successfully mastered yo's!). i'm not sure about the ribbon detail - because i'm me, i think that there are few colors that actually clash (it's all about the confidence with colors. patterns, however, do clash), so i'm toying with the idea of a lime green velvet ribbon. however, i am needin' me some new needles because the microspun does NOT like my bamboo 9 and 11 circulars...

i'm also wondering if i won't have to knit me up some straps because of my inherent distrust of elastic where are concerned. i'll play it by ear and decide later.

*f.o. - finished (knitted) object
w.i.p. - work in progress


Jay Monday, June 06, 2005 10:29:00 am  

Please be so kind to clarify what "w.i.p." stands for. I'm not up on what you kids call that rock and/or roll these days. With their drugs and damned rap music...

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