culling thoughts from a brain made of oatmeal

i want kyoto to be finished. i'm also a little dismayed that since i got my swatching to match the pattern's, the right front panel is a full 2.5 inches too long. we'll see what happens and maybe i'll have to be ultracrafty and shorten it without frogging.

i woke up with a migraine and i'm working on it going away so i can do the yoga tonight with yaymee.

everyone send your giving-birth vibes toward pdx so that semaphoria isn't in limbo anymore. her brother thinks she needs to do the kung fu hustle to get travis out. i think she should take a 24 hour nap before labor. she's been quiet lately so maybe she's doing one of those two things (labor or nap) as we speak!

stuck on ben harper's "steal my kisses" this morning

house cleaning elves keep on letting me down. they never show up, or if they do they don't clean houses.

haiku-girl: thanks for the owl. i'll be there asap. which reminds me, we found the location of a portkey when we were at the Lounge on friday. there was a giant fireplace with a drawer in the mantle. so susannah opened it (hoping it would be a mystical portal - well, i was hoping it would be, anyway) but found a post-it with an address inside... i'll drive up there later to see if we can find the portkey.

people have left for the summer, some people have left for longer, other people have left forever. fritzie's gone until january, timmy's gone forever, rachel's gone for the summer, lots of people who have graduated are gone forever... however, i'd estimate that 80% of the graduates of my school will wind up in washington, dc so chances are good we'll run into each other in dc in the future.

i'm going to take kyoto to bed, knit-a-bit and sleep until the pounding stops in my head so that i can do warriors, crocodiles, trees, and boats this afternoon...


Astrid Wednesday, June 08, 2005 5:06:00 am  

"house cleaning elves keep on letting me down. they never show up, or if they do they don't clean houses." --> Maybe you should ask Mr. Clean to come over, you can find him here:

Good luck!

heatherfeather Wednesday, June 08, 2005 8:57:00 am  

sweet! i'll go RIGHT NOW!

but if he lets me down too, what should i try next?!

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