in other music news...

i got the ep of world leader pretend's debut called rubble-rousing misspent bouts from james the chick for my birthday. mostly i got it because the guitarist is my friend from college, rockstar matt. (fyi, they're on mtv's you hear it first this week)

and i listened to it and wanted it out of loyalty to rockstar matt, who is one of the coolest people i've ever met. he's fun, he's crazy, he has the kindest most generous heart EVER, and he is just all around mr. goodguy. and he seriously ROCKS.

and IT ROCKS. seriously, it is AMAZING. it's indie, it's rockin, it's really musical, and it's just lo-fi enough to make it sexy and a touch grimy.

and their first full-length major label album, punches, is being released tuesday. SO BUY IT!

i'm so proud of matty phatty (and if you're reading this, matty, put that in your pipe and smoke it, baby)

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