kyoto w.i.p. notes and other stuff

finally, i feel like kyoto's truckin' along again. i have the sash, the back a sleeve and one front panel finished. that leaves me with a front a sleeve and the detail seed stitch across the front. then comes the seaming. oy the seaming...

laat night crazy mara and i went to lounge (not to be read as "bounce" although their logo's a little ambiguous) to meet up with susannah and sam. what they DIDN'T tell us was that it was someone's graduation party. and someone we don't know, to boot. however, we happened to arrive there at the end of the party when the people we didn't really know were leaving, and we hung out with susannah, sam, laeticia, blair, and two really tolerant people who were on a first date and happened to sit with us. anyhow, mara and i left relatively early because i was sleepy and she was sleepy, and we were both crossing into crankytown. it was fun, but we were done.

people's fair, which was on deck for today, was rained out. so c.m. and i went to whole foods for unagi bowls and sushi.

and i took a nap because i don't have any homework to do.

they tore down my mystical portal at school... so i have to find another way to get to hogwarts...

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