IM is not all it's cracked up to be...

yaymee and i were IMing yesterday and we were speaking french online, and we had a moment of miscommunication.

xanga's not doing direct links to posts at the moment because it blows a tad, so here's the transcript.

from yaymee's blog:
"Friday, June 17, 2005

Sometimes I think trying to communicate online is a waste of time. Funny how I am saying this by typing it out on my new blog, huh?

My online "Who's on First Moment" of yesterday:

heatherfeather: I love the french word for canoeing.
me: what is it?
heatherfeather: Canoeing.
me: but what is it?
heatherfeather: to operate a canoe.
me: What is it in French?
heatherfeather: canoeing.
me: huh?
heatherfeather: canoeing, but with a french accent. like shampooing in french.

OK. Now I gotcha, Heather!"

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