F.O.! maybe.

so i finished lelah last night. it's blocked, it's fun, it's strapless... after all the talk i did about strappage... i may still make haltery or cross back straps later. i should have bound off the back a good 2 inches before the front as the top part is soooooo long so as to render me decent that it is toooo long in the back and gets bunchy. the bottom part is really long - the lace reaches past the top of my inseam in my favorite jeans. i actually sort of like that aspect of it. but i just don't love it love it... pictures one day.

anyhow, this is the coolest story ever.


Jay Friday, June 24, 2005 1:54:00 am  

Very cool! Did you hear about the grandfather in Kenya that tore the tongue out of a leapord to save his grandson? That's pretty hardcore. That would also be one heck of a story to tell at school.

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