though i'll wish you were there, i was less than we could bear

i got a surprise package when i got home today!

i don't know exactly whom it's from, but i know where they live, which gives me an idea of whom.

however i can't open it until my birthday. which is saturday. this saturday, the 27th. (ahem)

since i was taking pictures, i decided to take pictures of that stuff which i have been knitting (except lady eleanor - it's longer, there are squares.)

so, here's calla, as mentioned from before. i think that i'll wish that i knitted it a size smaller, because i measured myself, and i'm down 2 inches from the last time i measured my bust, and there's 1 inch of neg. ease in the pattern, and this will have 3 inches of ease when it's done. which is too bad, because while i love how it looks, i don't really like knitting this. or knitting with the cathay - since as jess has mentioned repeatedly, it's suuuuuuuuuper splitty and it's suuuuuuuuuuper visible when it's split.

anyhow, here's the body, about an inch below the arm.
calla view
(20" addi turbos, size 5)

and here's a closeup of the center cable, because i have been converted from a zoom girl to a supermacro girl.
calla close up

i've also given socks another go. this time, a simple stockinette sock with a figure 8 cast on and a short row heel. this time, just one at a time.

in the shelly duvall* of yarns (littlegoat, that's for you), lana grossa multieffekt. i like it in concept, but it's just... so. dang. busy. (the stitch holder indicates a dropped stitch)

sock purgatory
(40" addi turbos, size 1)

faux fair isle? sure. self-striping? why not? both?! not as much.
i'm about 4 rows past the heel, it took a total of about 2 hours to do this, once i figured out my gauge. but i'm happier with my own knitting than i have been in a while - look at my even stitches!
sock purgatory

* also known as good god! i'm ugly!

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