but there are no coins worth less than a penny

[the scene - supertarget. heatherfeather approaches a cashier in the express lane with a single bottle of weed killer]

  • cashier: did you find everything you needed?
  • heatherfeather: yes. thank you.
  • cashier: that's $3.77. do you want to sign up for a targetcard and get 10% off your purchase today?
  • heatherfeather: [looks at him for about 15 seconds to see if he's kidding] no, thanks.
  • cashier: oh. but you could save nearly 38 cents.
  • heatherfeather: so 37 cents?
  • cashier: yeah, i guess you shouldn't do this on a purchase where you'd actually get less than 10%. or save anything less than a fiver.

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