i must not have good genes jeans

yesterday, i was sitting on the new baby with the same name as the old baby and my very favoritest jeans ripped in a most unseemly crotchal area.

i've discussed before my shape issues and boy-cut jeans, and have since revised my assessment. i still have the straight seeming non-waist (i taper slowly to the bust, but it looks like i'm more straight than not) but baby, i do got some back. so the only place my circumfrence nips in somewhat normally is in my lower back. (SOOO not my own back, thanks for asking)

i got a $50 gift card for old navy at christmas, which i'd never used, so i decided to buy jeans with that. and i wear 2 different sizes of jeans. the smaller on in the boy-cut style (without waist shaping) and the bigger in regular boot cut. i also wear the smaller size in the curvy style jeans with lots of waist and booty shaping.

in the boycut jeans, it accommodates my non-waist really well, no squeezing on my sides, but with an unseemly gap in the back where my booty DOES stick out.

in the boot cut, it is just sort of ill-fitting all around my waist and booty - sometimes squeezy, others loose all in one pair.

the curvy jeans make my booty look decent, keep it covered, and squeeze my sides.

so i bought one of each - two were on clearance for $17 apiece and the other were $24.50

when i get a real job i will get my jeans tailored so i can start wearing things that fit.


inseattle Wednesday, May 10, 2006 7:22:00 pm  

i struggle a lot with finding good-fitting jeans as well. i have the hugest legs and calves in the world, so even if my booty fits, chances are i will look like i am wearing stretch pants in the other parts. just so you know even the male variety has this issue as well. and its socially unacceptable for guys to try and wear women's jeans. it just is.

red.hot.mamma! Friday, May 12, 2006 12:45:00 am  

Well-fitting jeans are so hard to find. Right now I have exactly one pair that is even moderately acceptable. And it doesn't help that I'm high waisted and have fat rolls where the waist of normal jeans usually go. It's not pretty.

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