tonight on fox: when dyelots lie

the body of rogue v.2 and one of its sleeves is finished. i finished the hood this morning, went back and frogged the sleeve cap of the sleeve to make it 2" longer (i'd rather have too-long sleeves than too-short sleeves, and it was DEFINITELY too short), finished the ends on the body and the sleeve.

then i washed the body to get off some of the lanolin, work out the tension issues, and to get it clean after a month and a half of kntting off and on.

then i laid it out to dry on my bedroom floor (it's a little luxurious not having a dog that i have to worry about walking on a knitting object or shedding on the floor)

rogue v.2

i enjoyed my three needle bind-off on the hood. last time i tried my hand at grafting, which isn't a great technique to try to learn on cables. so this time, i bound them off in pattern. it looks nicer! as does my grafting of the hood to the cables! (it's not immaculate, but it's pretty consistent, nonetheless)

rogue v.2 003

then, i looked again. what the? is that a line?

rogue v.2 004

i have no idea if you can see it on your monitor, but the hood is pretty drastically lighter than the body. and i started a new skein on the hood. and i used the rest of that skein to extend the length of the sleeve, so there's a line too. and i have one skein left. and a sleeve takes about 7/8 of a skein. (of paton's classic in too teal, if you were curious). i double checked all the ball bands (hee!) and sure enough, these are all from the same dyelot.

so, i'm hoping that since it's on the hood and not a light section in the middle of the body, and at the sleeve cap it won't be all that noticeable. because i don't have any extra yarn. and truth be told, i don't feel like reknitting the freaking hood again.

so it stands.

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