sunday in the park with george. er, with mr. pants.

yesterday, mr. pants and i went on a picnic. we went to ford park in redlands, where we munched on english cheddar and gouda from henry's, fuli apples, green grapes, and burgers. (really? burgers?) then we wandered around the duck pond looking at the mallards (there are few words as fun as "mallards". say it out loud. then say the "r" for a really long time. "mallarrrrrrrrrrds."). we went to the other pond and watched a chocolate lab doing retriever training. we talked about wind and water and gooey stuff and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and jobs and all sorts of stuff.

then i had to pee and i don't use park bathrooms because i'm a princess, so we left the park and went to starbucks because they usually have clean bathrooms.

we didn't finish our food so we went to the gardens outside the prospect park carriage house to eat the rest of our cheese and fruit and burgers. (wait, still you had burgers? really?) we looked at the flowers, the bees, the sky, the clouds. i got interested in trying to take worm's eye pictures of mr. pants with the macro lens, but because of the distance between me and the bottom of his shoe, i didn't quite realize my initial vision. and when i was lying on the ground when he was sitting on the picnic table, he decided to pour water on me. which was funny in that i totally didn't believe he'd do it.

then we came home, and watched the amazing race.

and amazing end to an amazing day.

to see the pictures, click on the retriever. go on. you know you want to see my water-soaked shorts.


jay are Tuesday, September 26, 2006 2:39:00 am  

great pics, heath. man, the memories of home that all brings back!! looks like it was a right pretty day. Glad you had such a great time (water and all).

littlegoat Tuesday, September 26, 2006 10:15:00 am  

That is a gorgeous set of pictures.

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