another story about pukes on his tie

following up to my preceding story about pukes on his tie, i was reminded of another run-in i had with him.

at the prospective students weekend, there is a social gathering at a pub/restaurant sort of thing where potential students come to meet with current students at my school. i went to this my first year, to the lazy dog tavern and met up with some friends. while there, pukes on his tie was already there, and pretty likkered up.

he kept following me around and telling me how the police are within their rights to pull you over for riding your bike intoxicated, but that he rides his bike while intoxicated because they almost never do, and he's probably not going to kill anyone.

about 2 hours later, having moved over to the stadium, we were getting ready to leave. unbeknownst to me, pukes on his tie showed up there too. as i was standing outside waiting for the people i was driving (i was DD - usually am) and he wobbily rode up to me on my bike.

and said, "i'm terrible with names, but i'll never forget yours, danielle."


jay are Thursday, September 07, 2006 1:16:00 pm  

lol. You just made a real lasting impression there, Danielle. What a guy.

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