knitting attention deficit disor- hey! something shiny!

i usually have one, maybe 2, knitting projects going at once.

but today i've knit on five separate WIPs, which include the snowflake sock that i cast on last night, knit an inch or so on, tried it on and realized the cuff would cut circulation to my feet, frogged, and re-cast on this morning with a doubled 3.00mm needle, and then reknit 2 inches.

i've also worked on the mysterious unphotographed rogue v.2 sleeve #1, mr. pants black as midnight scarf, sizzle, and the long-suffering lady eleanor (which hasn't been seen on this here blog since april, in another post about knitting ADD). the good news about eleanor is that i'm on the last skein of yarn before i do the fringies and will be slightly over 6'x2'.

i've been re-energized on m'lady in that i can finally see the end and that i'm getting really leery of the rogue sleeve because i am pretty sure it will be too short, as in rogue #1, i can't see the stitches of the scarf, i don't really like knitting socks, and sizzle is booooooooooooring to knit and that i'm unlikely to ever wear it. if i skip yoga tonight (which i might - i've got the incredibly sexy affliction of an oral abcess and have been running a low grade fever) i may even finish knitting her, can bathe her, and will be able to infringe her by tomorrowif she dries enough.

no pictures today, obviously.


ed.k Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:22:00 pm  

This has nothing at all to do with knitting, but how did mr. pants get his name? And before you say "from his parents, duh" let me did he get the name "mr. pants"? Just curious. Anyway, hope your knitting projects come out well and that you're doing well too.

heatherfeather Thursday, September 14, 2006 12:16:00 am  

well, i started calling him "the boy" which made him UNHAPPY, so i started calling him the pants or mr. pants from carrieoke's naming of her bf/fiance Pants. he dislikes it, but not as much as he dislikes "the boy."

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