So, now I know things.

Yes, I can post via email. Perhaps I'll do just that from time to time. Annie, with regard to the necessity of I'm off like a prom dress, no it wasn't. In fact I didn't even remember having thought of whether I should do that, and didn't remember doing it until you pointed it out. Next time I'll be off like a dirty shirt. Or something.

I got my hair cut and my highlights touched up yesterday. I also went shopping because I'm sick to death of wearing the same 5 things to work. I've been there almost 4 weeks, and there's the possibility I'll be there 4 weeks or longer, so I had to buy some grown up work clothes. I'm so used to having a job where I can wear khakis and sit on the floor, and read kiddie books that this is a bit bizarre for me.

Today my Colorado family and I went up to Georgetown, a little mining town cum tourist trap in the rockies. I'd been there for a train ride and a picnic one summer many years ago, and all I could remember was a very vague train ride and being devoured by mosquitos at the picnic. Today it was nice. We strolled along shops with nothing interesting (touristy stuff like t-shirts and Navajo jewelry and ridiculously priced boutiques and Scandinavian shops), had lunch and then sat in the absurd coming-down-the-mountain-rush-hour traffic. I'm not a huge camping person, but I would tend to think that escaping into the mountains for the weekend and then sitting in traffic driving down a mountain would undo some of the stress release that said escape grants. Earlier in the day I started reading The Mammoth Cheese sitting out in the sun hoping to get a little color on my shoulders and chest (I was wearing a strappy tank top, let's don't get too carried away)

When there is a procession of people, they do not process down an aisle or whatever. Process (accent on the second syllable) isn't a good enough word. Process (accent on 1st syllable) is a good word, but it doesn't mean the same thing. People proceed down an aisle. Just like when people exhibit they are under distress, they aren't distressed, they're distraught.

Random venting.

I'm going to the Denver Zoo next weekend for the Exempla Healthcare picnic with my aunt. It will be okay because I know some people there now. However, I never like zoos. They just about invariably make me sad, especially ones that don't have the greatest funding in the world and it shows. However, San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World tend not to make me too sad, and this is supposed to be a faboo zoo, with 2 newborn gorillas, so we'll see. I'll report later.

I'm so excited about I Love the 90's starting this week. I love looking at the 70's and 80's through the eyes of pop culture. I really enjoyed I Love the 80's mroe than the 70's because I remember so much more of the 80's. But I remember even more of the 90's so it should be totally amusing... I saw the bit they did on Groove is in the Heart, and it brought me back to 7th and 8th grade when that song was it (particularly Fred's choreography, and Anna... Anna Whatshername... Do you remmeber Fred? The one who lived near you whose mother was deaf? The first person to tell me I was so full of shit that even my eyes were brown). Yes, I still have that CD... "ESP 3-D Stylie... I'd walk a miley for your smiley 'cause it's really recommended quite highly..."

I'm going to make like a tree and get outta here.


semaphoria Monday, July 12, 2004 1:09:00 pm  

Did a large procession wave their
Torches as my head fell in the basket,
and was everybody dancing on the casket?

(this comment is totally relevant, i swear)

and why do i have everything ever recorded by tmbg on my ipod - but flood? (sigh)

semaphoria Monday, July 12, 2004 1:10:00 pm  

anna who had the sister who described giving birth as fucking an elephant? yeah... what was her last name?

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