It's been crazy!

Hey party people!
I have had a crazy week.  There were a few moments this afternoon I thought I would go over the deep end!  It's just busy.  There's a chance that I'll be working for at least a month, definitely the last week of July, and I've had 2 other job offers from working this job.  So all depends on me right now.  I have to decide if I'll take out more loans and work less, or take out less loans and work more.  Both have definite pros and cons...  Argh.
But at work they'be taught me to play games with text pagers.  And usually the games involve making musical references to the 70s and 80s.  So I'm having a blast.  I.e., please call Jenny at 867-5309.  Or Rio called re: dancing on the sand. I tried texting 99 Luftballoons, but the German characters aren't supported.  And the trick is knowing the people to play this game with.  I have 2 such game buddies.  We also send random pictures via email that waste space but are really funny...  Surprisingly, I get tons of work done, too.  I'm one of those all work and no play makes Heather nutso people.
Speaking of less than sane, I just WAS NOT IN THE MOOD FOR COFFEE today.  I almost wandered in and got my iced americano, and decided I didn't want one.  I had a mtn. dew instead.  What is this world coming to!?
I been digging on old Ani Difranco albums lately... Especially Out of Range.  It's a good one.
Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month?  Hell, I thought EVERY month was just that.
But it's payday!


Anonymous Monday, July 19, 2004 8:13:00 pm  

NO COFFEE????!!! WOW!! I don't like mountain Dew. I don't think I do anyway. I hope life is going swell for ya. Its going pretty good for me. I love you and miss ya. God BLess, Catrina

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