FW: It's Wednesday.

That's about all the reaction I can muster to today.
Yesterday there was a chamber music concert for the doctors at the hospital.  I got to listen.  It was nice.But I was unwell with migraine-y auras... at least I was without the migraine.
And I was looking forward to being paid while sipping vodka tonics and  mingling with young, single doctors.  Did I mention that a goodly number of the doctors there were old and/or married?  In fact, I believe they all were.  There was one really young internist (female) who was there.  Totally nice!  I'd like to be friends with her.  Oh well, who knows if I'll even see her again .  
So I went home early (I say early sarcastically, I got to work at 6:30 am, and got home at 7:15 pm, but at least I didn't have to stay for the cleanup until 8), snuggled the muttpuppy, and watched Things I Hate About You on Bravo.
I have decided I do NOT like that show.  It could have been that I didn't like the people, or that it makes me not want to ever live with a boy because the ones they've had on the show have been yucky... Mind you I don't have brothers, so I've NEVER had that sort of experience.  If it turns out that all boys are not yucky like that, let me know, and I'll happily believe you.   

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