all in all this is just a Friday night in one lifetime

So, technically, it's Saturday afternoon, but whatever.
I have a three day weekend
I have a migraine
I'm going to see Cirque du Soleil tomorrow afternoon
I got tickets for $27.50 with no surcharges
I paid my rent on Thursday
I got my secon paycheck that same day
I don't think I want to work full time when I'm going to school
Because I'll also have to take some undergrad level classes which tend to run for a shoter period over more days then graduate level classes
I think for another language class (I have to be proficient in at least 1 other than English, my French is passable enough that I'd rather not take more French classes) I may take Russian.
There is no specific word order in Russian grammar
I can already say "circus," "elephant," and "right hand" in Russian
I can phonetically spell "snar" in Russian
My next Starbucks drink at Safeway is free
Dammit, I forgot to bring my laundry to my aunt's house...maybe on Monday
I took a 3 hour Bendadryl-induced nap today
I've been playing a few old Suzanne Vega songs (i.e. Small Blue Thing and Gypsy and The Queen and the Soldier) on guitar lately.
I'm obsessed with the Nick Drake song "..." wait, I've forgotten the title... It's something about Behind the Sun, track 6 on Pink Moon
I think I'll go hunt up the tabs for that
I'm wearing sunglasses in the house because the light is hurting my head
I'm off like a prom dress.

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