Things to see 'cause they're cool

So I got me some pictures up on my yahoo account. Do you want to see them? They're from the Copper Mountain Circus Arts show. There's only about 30 up right now, and I have around 100 that I'll be posting, so keep checking back. The juggler, Sven, although there aren't many pictures of him juggling, is one of the most bautiful jugglers I've ever seen. And he picks good music. And, Cris, you can tell him I said that. Anhyhow, here's where they are:

Just be a nice monkey and use them for viewing and don't steal the photo credit, you stinker. I will crush your head if you do.

I go through phases where I dig the pop stations. Right now I like that "Sexy" song by Beyonce. not enough to actually know the name, but I tend to keep it on that station when it plays. And that Usher song that's sampled all over the place right now.. Not "Burn" or "Confessions" but the other one. I just don't like Ludacris' rap in that because it skeeves me out. Random thought.

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