I'll squeeze into heaven, and, Valentine, my bed is calling me....

I've got "Daysleeper" by REM in my head... one of my favorites of theirs.  Other songs I like are "Half A World Away" "Bad Day" "At My Most Beautiful" "You Are the Everything" "It's the End of the World..." "Perfect Circle" "Try Not to Breathe" "Hairshirt" "Fall on Me" and "Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite."  That's not all, but those are all that come to mind at this second...  "I am not the type of dog to leave you hanging for no good reason..."
That's from "Hairshirt."  Other hairshirty referencing songs I like are "What a Good Boy" by Barenaked Ladies... and that's the only other hairshirt song I can think of.  Song lines I like by BNL are "If you question what I would do to get over and be with you, lift you up over everything to light up my room."  Even though that's a dependent clause and no condition follows it.  The first time my old roommate Mina heard that song, (it references radio stations that conduct through their teeth, being able to light a bulb by holding it in their hands, etc... sounds WEIRD but it's a really pretty song), she said "What is going on?  Are these people made of metal?" and was terribly confused.  I really like "When I Fall" by BNL too.  I'm not going to do this mental drivel online anymore.
I should start workin'.

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