Melangee ou frappee? On sait pas...

So there's quite a bit happening.

My wonderful Jillianberry is in hospital with the flu. Get better Jill! I'm sending you mental flowers. (daffodils and daisies, if you were curious)

I'm reall busy and not really on line during the week much. It sort of sucks, but also keeps me from compulsively checking my email.

Let's all cross our toes and fingers that my Freddiefriend will be sent to Golden, CO by our good friends at Sharp. Cause when we say Sharp, we mean business. And if she does come out, we'll have a weekend to hang out AND we'll go to St. Kilian's cheese shop at 32nd and Lowell. Maybe toss back a beer or two. Or a vodka collins, who knows?

I saw the Broncos mascot Miles this weekend.

I saw a circus show in Copper Mtn, up in the Rocky Mtns. It was a wonderufl drive, it was a lovely show, I saw my friend Cris who was dubbed the strong man. One of the high points of the day was the two 10 year old girls who ran up to him after the show and said "How big are your muscles?" One of the low points of the whole day was the hailstorm and driving rain that plagued my drive down the mountains. There were quite a few high and low points to that trip. And I took bunches of pictures (precisely 120) and as I get them posted, I'll let you know.

I found out my identity may have been stolen. I hope not, but I wish whoever may have stolen it better luck than I've had in my time being me. And I wish they would give me back.


semaphoria Thursday, July 01, 2004 11:10:00 am  

it's almost nearly a done deal - but it's looking like august sometime. YAY! cheese calls for wine. but then we can move on to the vodka... and perhaps a beer for breakfast the next day, as it is colorado and all.

and sorry - that was me with the identity thing. i was just "borrowing" it for a day. i wanted to see what it was like to be tall with thick dark hair! sorry, hope i didn't cause too much trouble.

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