Looooong day...

So, today I pretend to have the life of an executive: arrive at 6:30 am, and stay until 6:30 or 7 pm.  Oh well.  there've been quite a few opportunities for me to roam outside (I had to walk to a nearby hospital a few times to take pictures of doctors).  But it was rather foolish to eat lunch at my desk.  but I've not yet had 30 minutes in a row to eat it, so I'm eating it slowly over several hours.
Ernie's been such a nice dog lately.  A bit spazzy, but nice nonetheless.  Tonight he gets to run around the yard for a long, long time.
I have been on a picture taking kick lately.  It really makes me happy to take pictures of people (I'm a huge fan of skies, but otherwise, not too interested in landscapes) and I love taking candid pictures of people doing things that they love, because their passion is so evident on film.  Ann, my boss/friend thinks I'm A Photographer.  Which makes me feel weird.
Okay I'm getting slammed at work, I have to go.

FW: It's Wednesday.

That's about all the reaction I can muster to today.
Yesterday there was a chamber music concert for the doctors at the hospital.  I got to listen.  It was nice.But I was unwell with migraine-y auras... at least I was without the migraine.
And I was looking forward to being paid while sipping vodka tonics and  mingling with young, single doctors.  Did I mention that a goodly number of the doctors there were old and/or married?  In fact, I believe they all were.  There was one really young internist (female) who was there.  Totally nice!  I'd like to be friends with her.  Oh well, who knows if I'll even see her again .  
So I went home early (I say early sarcastically, I got to work at 6:30 am, and got home at 7:15 pm, but at least I didn't have to stay for the cleanup until 8), snuggled the muttpuppy, and watched Things I Hate About You on Bravo.
I have decided I do NOT like that show.  It could have been that I didn't like the people, or that it makes me not want to ever live with a boy because the ones they've had on the show have been yucky... Mind you I don't have brothers, so I've NEVER had that sort of experience.  If it turns out that all boys are not yucky like that, let me know, and I'll happily believe you.   

Monday Morning Stretch - Gina Forsyth

It's a Monday morning and I'm stretching
My imagination to write this song
This is what I'd rather do
Why else would I stay at home
All morning long

And I don't wanna go to work
I never do
And all those other people in the news
Who are out of work
Can trade places with me
Cause when you found that you
Have something better to do
With your life
I guarantee
You'd feel the same way too

My friend and I we spent the weekend
Running from responsibilities
Just like kids we played with crayons
Drawing pictures of our families

I was supposed to be somewhere else
I didn't show
Oh there I go
And all I wanted was to go
So far away
Where no one knows my name
And no one will ever ask
Why I ran away
And where I'm going and how
And where I want to be
Five years or so from now

But just for once I'd like to do
What I feel is right
All because that's how I feel
And with some practice and some time
To follow my heart
Would be no big deal

Oh it's been too many years
Of chasing after a career
And in my bitter tears
I call on my soul and hear
This number has been disconnected
For years

It's a Monday morning and I'm stretching
My imagination to write this song
Oh maybe it's the stretch
That I've been needing my whole life long

And I don't wanna go to work
I never do
But I'll go anyway
Today tomorrow too
Although I know that I have
Better things to do
I'll use this morning
As a step to take me to

Another morning someday
When I will be whole
And I won't hesitate at the door
Of my own soul
And when people ask
Why don't you just grow up
I'll say I tried that
And I had more than enough

And when I'm calling on my soul
I'll hear my own voice say
Yeah, I'm home
Would ya like to come over and play

It's a Monday morning and I'm stretching
My imagination to write this song

All songs copyright © Little Blue Dot Music (BMI) except where noted.

Saturday Accomplishments:

I caught up on sleep.

I chased off a migraine that I got from oversleeping by taking migraine medicine and sleeping it off.

I cleaned my living room and kitchen.

I paid most of my bills.

I am currently uploading more pix from the Copper Circus Arts show I went to a month ago, and am more than 2/3 done.  This has taken FOREVER because of big files, slow dial-up, and I'm still too afraid to try it at work.

I put gas in the car.

I brushed the dog, and helped him shed enough hair to make a second dog.  About cocker spaniel sized.

I played with a real cocker spaniel at my aunt's house.

That's all I did today.

I'll squeeze into heaven, and, Valentine, my bed is calling me....

I've got "Daysleeper" by REM in my head... one of my favorites of theirs.  Other songs I like are "Half A World Away" "Bad Day" "At My Most Beautiful" "You Are the Everything" "It's the End of the World..." "Perfect Circle" "Try Not to Breathe" "Hairshirt" "Fall on Me" and "Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite."  That's not all, but those are all that come to mind at this second...  "I am not the type of dog to leave you hanging for no good reason..."
That's from "Hairshirt."  Other hairshirty referencing songs I like are "What a Good Boy" by Barenaked Ladies... and that's the only other hairshirt song I can think of.  Song lines I like by BNL are "If you question what I would do to get over and be with you, lift you up over everything to light up my room."  Even though that's a dependent clause and no condition follows it.  The first time my old roommate Mina heard that song, (it references radio stations that conduct through their teeth, being able to light a bulb by holding it in their hands, etc... sounds WEIRD but it's a really pretty song), she said "What is going on?  Are these people made of metal?" and was terribly confused.  I really like "When I Fall" by BNL too.  I'm not going to do this mental drivel online anymore.
I should start workin'.

Sailing, takes me away to where I'm going...

I’ve been floating around this hospital, and I have no home here… How sad for me…


I feel like a pen.  Or some other piece of communal property…


Oh well, I suppose I’ll live.

As far as portents go...

So, I wasn’t really in the mood for an Americano this morning, but I got one anyway.


And the cream I put in it was rancid.


So I’ve got a Mtn. Dew instead.


I’ve got to plan a BIG party (black-tie dinner for 200), and it’s really fun. 


I’ve also got less fun things to do.


Fred, thanks for playing along.  You helped with one of the less fun things.

I may have the wrong audience, but I'll try anyway

If you were going to hear a doctor give a lecture to non-medically inclined people, in all seriousness, what would be your top three topics you’d like to hear about?

2 more weeks...

I'm not going to be homeless at least for the next two weeks because...
I get to work at the hospital for 2 more weeks... yay!
That means I get paid for two more weeks!  yay!
I have the Popeye theme song running around my brain.

It's been crazy!

Hey party people!
I have had a crazy week.  There were a few moments this afternoon I thought I would go over the deep end!  It's just busy.  There's a chance that I'll be working for at least a month, definitely the last week of July, and I've had 2 other job offers from working this job.  So all depends on me right now.  I have to decide if I'll take out more loans and work less, or take out less loans and work more.  Both have definite pros and cons...  Argh.
But at work they'be taught me to play games with text pagers.  And usually the games involve making musical references to the 70s and 80s.  So I'm having a blast.  I.e., please call Jenny at 867-5309.  Or Rio called re: dancing on the sand. I tried texting 99 Luftballoons, but the German characters aren't supported.  And the trick is knowing the people to play this game with.  I have 2 such game buddies.  We also send random pictures via email that waste space but are really funny...  Surprisingly, I get tons of work done, too.  I'm one of those all work and no play makes Heather nutso people.
Speaking of less than sane, I just WAS NOT IN THE MOOD FOR COFFEE today.  I almost wandered in and got my iced americano, and decided I didn't want one.  I had a mtn. dew instead.  What is this world coming to!?
I been digging on old Ani Difranco albums lately... Especially Out of Range.  It's a good one.
Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month?  Hell, I thought EVERY month was just that.
But it's payday!

I been spoiled...

So, it's pretty toasty already today, and on top of that, it's a bit humid.  so I'm sweaty and I KNOW this will be a day when my deodorant gives out before I make it home.
And I'm such a bad mom... Ernie's completely out of dog food.  I fed him a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.  I feel so badly...

Space Cadet

So I've decided that for you to actually SEE the pictures I took at Copper Circus Arts a few weeks ago, it would help to actually POST the link.


I've posted about 12 more today and there are around 95 in toto. So come back every now and then to see what else there is to see. If you're wondering, the guy in the striped shirt is named Sven.

So, now I know things.

Yes, I can post via email. Perhaps I'll do just that from time to time. Annie, with regard to the necessity of I'm off like a prom dress, no it wasn't. In fact I didn't even remember having thought of whether I should do that, and didn't remember doing it until you pointed it out. Next time I'll be off like a dirty shirt. Or something.

I got my hair cut and my highlights touched up yesterday. I also went shopping because I'm sick to death of wearing the same 5 things to work. I've been there almost 4 weeks, and there's the possibility I'll be there 4 weeks or longer, so I had to buy some grown up work clothes. I'm so used to having a job where I can wear khakis and sit on the floor, and read kiddie books that this is a bit bizarre for me.

Today my Colorado family and I went up to Georgetown, a little mining town cum tourist trap in the rockies. I'd been there for a train ride and a picnic one summer many years ago, and all I could remember was a very vague train ride and being devoured by mosquitos at the picnic. Today it was nice. We strolled along shops with nothing interesting (touristy stuff like t-shirts and Navajo jewelry and ridiculously priced boutiques and Scandinavian shops), had lunch and then sat in the absurd coming-down-the-mountain-rush-hour traffic. I'm not a huge camping person, but I would tend to think that escaping into the mountains for the weekend and then sitting in traffic driving down a mountain would undo some of the stress release that said escape grants. Earlier in the day I started reading The Mammoth Cheese sitting out in the sun hoping to get a little color on my shoulders and chest (I was wearing a strappy tank top, let's don't get too carried away)

When there is a procession of people, they do not process down an aisle or whatever. Process (accent on the second syllable) isn't a good enough word. Process (accent on 1st syllable) is a good word, but it doesn't mean the same thing. People proceed down an aisle. Just like when people exhibit they are under distress, they aren't distressed, they're distraught.

Random venting.

I'm going to the Denver Zoo next weekend for the Exempla Healthcare picnic with my aunt. It will be okay because I know some people there now. However, I never like zoos. They just about invariably make me sad, especially ones that don't have the greatest funding in the world and it shows. However, San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World tend not to make me too sad, and this is supposed to be a faboo zoo, with 2 newborn gorillas, so we'll see. I'll report later.

I'm so excited about I Love the 90's starting this week. I love looking at the 70's and 80's through the eyes of pop culture. I really enjoyed I Love the 80's mroe than the 70's because I remember so much more of the 80's. But I remember even more of the 90's so it should be totally amusing... I saw the bit they did on Groove is in the Heart, and it brought me back to 7th and 8th grade when that song was it (particularly Fred's choreography, and Anna... Anna Whatshername... Do you remmeber Fred? The one who lived near you whose mother was deaf? The first person to tell me I was so full of shit that even my eyes were brown). Yes, I still have that CD... "ESP 3-D Stylie... I'd walk a miley for your smiley 'cause it's really recommended quite highly..."

I'm going to make like a tree and get outta here.

Can I really post by email?

Why, yes, it appears I can.

where are they?

2 of my posts aren't showing up. But my Dashboard says they're there.

Anyhow, since after posting about losing 2 of my favorite DVDs, I found them (and one other that I didn't realize I was missing), I'm going to post that I can't find my copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany, which I'm really in the mood to read right now. So I'm making do with Here Be Dragons.

I saw Cirque du Soleil yesterday. It reminds me of all the things I loved about being in the circus, and makes me forget that I wasn't so good at it. Realistically, the thing that I'd be best at are the contortion types of things. Anyhow, I liked Varekai MUCH better than the last show I saw which was Alegria (in Biloxi MS, with an ex-boyfriend, right after the father of the quadreplegic man of whom I was taking care died, so it may have been situational). However, Alegria is the only one that ever made me cry. (again, may have been situational) But the aerialists were amazing, the juggler was good (although he had a bit of an off-night), and the Russian Swing was amazing (they had a bit of an off-night too, which is a heck of a lot scarier than the juggler having an off-night). I've found myself sort of jaded with circuses, so the fact that the Russian Swing act had me holding my breath says a bit of a lot. It also reminded me of the Ani song "Freakshow" where she says "We live to hear the slack jaw gasping, we live under a halo of held breath, and when the children raise up a giant shield of laughter it's like the pending of death."

I'm working on my tan after I get offline. It's time. Remember last summer when I had all kinds of time to work on it by the pool? Yeah, that was nice...

I had a migraine for most of Sat. and Sun. and even after 7 Midrin, 3 Maxalt, 6 Aleve, and 8 Mountain Dews, it didn't really ever go away until this morning. So I'm feeling washed out right now. And I'm posting more pictures on my yahoo site.

Okay, bye.

Things to see 'cause they're cool

So I got me some pictures up on my yahoo account. Do you want to see them? They're from the Copper Mountain Circus Arts show. There's only about 30 up right now, and I have around 100 that I'll be posting, so keep checking back. The juggler, Sven, although there aren't many pictures of him juggling, is one of the most bautiful jugglers I've ever seen. And he picks good music. And, Cris, you can tell him I said that. Anhyhow, here's where they are:

Just be a nice monkey and use them for viewing and don't steal the photo credit, you stinker. I will crush your head if you do.

I go through phases where I dig the pop stations. Right now I like that "Sexy" song by Beyonce. not enough to actually know the name, but I tend to keep it on that station when it plays. And that Usher song that's sampled all over the place right now.. Not "Burn" or "Confessions" but the other one. I just don't like Ludacris' rap in that because it skeeves me out. Random thought.

all in all this is just a Friday night in one lifetime

So, technically, it's Saturday afternoon, but whatever.
I have a three day weekend
I have a migraine
I'm going to see Cirque du Soleil tomorrow afternoon
I got tickets for $27.50 with no surcharges
I paid my rent on Thursday
I got my secon paycheck that same day
I don't think I want to work full time when I'm going to school
Because I'll also have to take some undergrad level classes which tend to run for a shoter period over more days then graduate level classes
I think for another language class (I have to be proficient in at least 1 other than English, my French is passable enough that I'd rather not take more French classes) I may take Russian.
There is no specific word order in Russian grammar
I can already say "circus," "elephant," and "right hand" in Russian
I can phonetically spell "snar" in Russian
My next Starbucks drink at Safeway is free
Dammit, I forgot to bring my laundry to my aunt's house...maybe on Monday
I took a 3 hour Bendadryl-induced nap today
I've been playing a few old Suzanne Vega songs (i.e. Small Blue Thing and Gypsy and The Queen and the Soldier) on guitar lately.
I'm obsessed with the Nick Drake song "..." wait, I've forgotten the title... It's something about Behind the Sun, track 6 on Pink Moon
I think I'll go hunt up the tabs for that
I'm wearing sunglasses in the house because the light is hurting my head
I'm off like a prom dress.

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