they begin again...

So, I've been having weird dreams again lately. I can't remember them all, but last night's was VERY interesting (at least what I can remember):

My apartment was a strange combination f my current apartment, and my apartment in Maine... It had a MASSIVE bathroom situation. There was a really nice sunken jaccuzi tub, a european shower, a dressing area (it was about as big as my apartment is now), with 2 dorrs leading off of it. They led into a very strange little barn-themed extra bathroom with a huge shower/tub and 2 shower stalls, and off of this room, there was a room with a couch. My sister was there. I was taking care of a baby... Who looked a lot like Gonzo. The Muppet. But it wasn't a Gonzo creature, it was a different one. And all of a sudden, there was a helicopter searching for the baby I was watching in the room with the couch, and so I got off the couch, put the weird baby UNDER the couch, and in busts... Gonzo who thought it was his baby...

It was VERY hot last night, maybe that had something to do with it.

I had someone leave me a message on my phone yesterday about a job where I'd help parents of newborns adjust... She said my resume and references looked great, the one area of need was: "I'm concerned about your lack of lactation experience." I didn't know lactation was something that you could practice. It's not really a voluntary action.

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