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I went to the open mic at Common Grounds last night. The person who was supposed to bring the sound system never showed up so it was truly acoustic. I went for the sole purpose of casing and listening. 2 middle aged men (ex-hippies, one of whom tried very unflatteringly to hit on me by talking about my book and telling me how he's part of the system now since he bought a house and pays property taxes. I didn't know he was hitting on me until his inebriated friend told me. Either my radar's off, or he's really bad at it) who played Jimmy Buffet and Led Zepplin and some very bluesy original stuff, and a younger guy who did some (very good) DAve Matthews covers. Maybe I SHOULD show up next week to throw some folk and estrogen in the mix.


Anonymous Saturday, June 05, 2004 2:44:00 am  

this is not actually an anonymous post. i just wanted to leave you a little ditty. i don't have an account with this blogger/blogspot, so this is the best i can do for now...
HI! it's andi!. well, you seem to be enjoying the atmoshphere. i'm glad to hear all is as well as it should be. take the best of care. now, if i had money to find means of trasnportation and was not taking summer classes, i would visit you. but your cousin still loves you!

Anonymous Sunday, June 06, 2004 3:21:00 am  

Hey Heather!! I caught up on reading your posts again. I think that the guy was just really bad at it because thats what it sounded like. I hope you have many more good days ahead of you. I love you bunches!! I miss you tons!!! You are in my prayers, Catrina

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