I know he can GET the job, but can he DO the job?

So, in the move I lost the following things:
A Mighty Wind DVD
O Brother Where Art Thou DVD
Mazzy Star Among My Swan CD

There's a very slim chance they're in some of the few things I've left to unpack. But if not, I'll be sad.

I'm in the mood for Joe Vs. The Volcano today.

The job I have is going all right. I'm basically an executive Assistant in the administrative offices of Exempla St. Joseph's Hospital. (As I mentioned before it's where I was born, so it's obviously a great place.) In this office, the President/CEO, and 5 Vice Presidents work, so there's a bunch of Big Honchos running around at all times, it's very busy, and keeps me from getting too bored. But I'm glad it's a temp job and I won't be doing it forever. For one thing, I have to wear closed toe shoes and nice clothes every day. And I have to blow my hair dry. And it's aggravating my carpal tunnel a BUNCH. So all in all, it's meeting a need, but it's not forever. Hopefully I'll be doing my postpartum caregiver training after this job ends and be hanging out with families with new babies for money!

Really, I'm seriously jonesing for Joe Vs. the Volcano. I don't know why you're here and Daddy says not to tell me. I'm a flibbertigibbet.

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