Melangee ou frappee? On sait pas...

So there's quite a bit happening.

My wonderful Jillianberry is in hospital with the flu. Get better Jill! I'm sending you mental flowers. (daffodils and daisies, if you were curious)

I'm reall busy and not really on line during the week much. It sort of sucks, but also keeps me from compulsively checking my email.

Let's all cross our toes and fingers that my Freddiefriend will be sent to Golden, CO by our good friends at Sharp. Cause when we say Sharp, we mean business. And if she does come out, we'll have a weekend to hang out AND we'll go to St. Kilian's cheese shop at 32nd and Lowell. Maybe toss back a beer or two. Or a vodka collins, who knows?

I saw the Broncos mascot Miles this weekend.

I saw a circus show in Copper Mtn, up in the Rocky Mtns. It was a wonderufl drive, it was a lovely show, I saw my friend Cris who was dubbed the strong man. One of the high points of the day was the two 10 year old girls who ran up to him after the show and said "How big are your muscles?" One of the low points of the whole day was the hailstorm and driving rain that plagued my drive down the mountains. There were quite a few high and low points to that trip. And I took bunches of pictures (precisely 120) and as I get them posted, I'll let you know.

I found out my identity may have been stolen. I hope not, but I wish whoever may have stolen it better luck than I've had in my time being me. And I wish they would give me back.

Working girl

So, I'm a busy lady. I'm working in the President and CEO's office at Exempla St. Joseph Hospital in Denver. I'm basically a really busy secreatary. It's good that I'm busy, though because the work is a bit numbingly dull. If I weren't so busy, it wouldn't be fun.

But I've also had a few other job offers thrown my way... which may wind up working out. Because although I would love to play with brand new babies, and I could create my schedule to accomodate my schooling (instead of vice-versa), I won't have benefits or a guaranteed number of hours per week. So I may see about taking a job as a unit secretary inb the hosital doing medical coding, transcription, etc... That'd be okay by me. I'll even be able to work from 7-3, and take classes at 6 without worrying about making it on time because of traffic or whatever. And always have weekends off. So we'll see.

I babysat for the very first time on Wednesday. I sat for Michael Clark (Jeannette and Jason's munchkin)and we played and had fun. Then he got tired and cried himself to sleep. It broke my heart. But we sorted ourselves out. I adore that kiddo.

I got a pedicure today, because I got paid. And I got pink nail polish because I never do. ME! Pink!

So, that's about it for my news.

Annie, I would LOVE tor ead your Joe Vs... paper. I think I asked you for it while you were writing it! And please read I Am the Cheese! It's a freaking weird book, but I liked it.

Oh! David Foster Wallace has a new collection of short stories that is supposed to be wonderful! So, that's on my list. I keep reading. and reading and reading...

Ah... power tools.

So, I used a power tool today. I used an electric hedge clipper to ameliorate the wet branches slapping me in the face when I get home or let the dog out situation. And I went a little nuts. Cleanup was a bit of a problem because I have nothing along the lines of a rake or a push broom with which to pick up said clippings. Since I'm not gardening-ly inclined (I had a plant once. I had to give it up into foster care because I didn't feel like getting dirt on my hands to re-pot it) I also didn't know what was a shrubbery (if only Dennis the Shrubber were there...) and what was a weed. So i cut back everything so clear a path. And since I have no lawn mower (or really any lawn to speak of), I also used the clippers to cut down the height of the weeds in the back yard. But again, since I have no rake, I'll leave them there until I can borrow one from my aunt (likely next weekend).

I did have one injury (minor as far as chainsaw-like power tools go): the vibration of the clippers gave me and popped a blister on my right middle finger.

I counted last night and since June 1, I've read 11 novels. They average about 400 pages apiece (minus the 650 pages or so of Infinite JEst I've read this month) For those of you doing the math, that's around 5,050 pages in June. I'm desparately out of books to read (I have around 18 linear feet of novels and another 6-8 feet of references and text books), so please, feel free to throw a recommendation my way.

I know he can GET the job, but can he DO the job?

So, in the move I lost the following things:
A Mighty Wind DVD
O Brother Where Art Thou DVD
Mazzy Star Among My Swan CD

There's a very slim chance they're in some of the few things I've left to unpack. But if not, I'll be sad.

I'm in the mood for Joe Vs. The Volcano today.

The job I have is going all right. I'm basically an executive Assistant in the administrative offices of Exempla St. Joseph's Hospital. (As I mentioned before it's where I was born, so it's obviously a great place.) In this office, the President/CEO, and 5 Vice Presidents work, so there's a bunch of Big Honchos running around at all times, it's very busy, and keeps me from getting too bored. But I'm glad it's a temp job and I won't be doing it forever. For one thing, I have to wear closed toe shoes and nice clothes every day. And I have to blow my hair dry. And it's aggravating my carpal tunnel a BUNCH. So all in all, it's meeting a need, but it's not forever. Hopefully I'll be doing my postpartum caregiver training after this job ends and be hanging out with families with new babies for money!

Really, I'm seriously jonesing for Joe Vs. the Volcano. I don't know why you're here and Daddy says not to tell me. I'm a flibbertigibbet.

a cog in the wheel

I got a temp job at my aunt's hospital.

It's also where I was born.

I'll be working through july 9.

Incidents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations

Yahoo Mail just changed their overall look and it's startling, and will take some getting used to... However, they've also upped my storage from 6 mb to 100 mb, so instead of using 40% of my available storage, I'm only using 2%. But whatever. I don't know about that sort of stuff.

Tonight, I'm having a Clark Family Dinner. I'll be having dinner with Jason and Jeannette Clark, their little son Michael, and in attendance will be their baby in utero. It'll be nice. Jason thought I'd like to have someone to watch the 5th (and possibly final) Lakers-Pistons game, so that I could cheer on the Lakers in good company. I've never watched more than 4 consecutive minutes of basketball in my LIFE, so he said that if nothing else, at least Michael will be excited to have someone who will pay attention to him during the game. I talked to Michael on the phone he said, "Hello." "See you later." and "I love you." There may have been some prompting from Jason, since he's 22 months old. But he evidently lopves to sing and his favorite song is Happy Birthday.

In Heather's A Music Geek news, Happy Birthday is the 2nd most popular children's song of all time. It makes sense. The number 1 song? The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Or the Eensy Weensy Spider, depending on your particular school of thought.

I've been given a loaner Nokia phone to test in my signal unfriendly basement. (Cris' Nokia worked at my house, but he has AT&T) If it doesn't work, I'll have to switch providers in September... Or get a landline so I can be reached when I'm at home.
(strange, incomplete segue: my favorite part of R&G Are Dead is when they're playing Questions, and the sequence goes:
What's your name?
When I'm at home?
Is it different when you're at home?)

I'm SUPER excited about a VH1 special that's on tonight: In Tune with Paul Simon and John Mayer. I like John Mayer somewhat... But Paul Simon. I think he is genius. He's absolutely brilliant (and somewhat responsible for my obsession with Santa Fe... It doesn't have anything to do with Newsies) So, although I'll be at the Clarks house, my trusty VCR is taping it. My favorite Paul Simon is impossible to nail down to one. My favorite John Mayer song is "My Stupid Mouth" and it's because of that song that I have any sort of fondness for "Your Body's a Wonderland" because he layers "I'm never speaking up again" over the end chorus. Otherwise, "Wonderland" really skeeves me out because I feel like such a voyeur... Which isn't what I like to feel like.

Ollie the Wonderdog (yesterday, however, I was lying in the hammock, and he was in the hammock, then he hopped off and lay down under the hammock, and I called him Ollie the Underdog) is sprawled in a most indecent fashion across the guest room bed at my aunt's house.

I really don't like Norah Jones all that much, but I sort of groove to "sunrise."

I've got a touch of logorrhea (go to if you don't know what that is, although you could figure it out if you've ever heard "In the beginning was the Logos and the Logos became man" from John 1:1 and know what means Logos.) so I'll sign off.

It's supposed to rain, and I was going to go back to Penny Lane's open mic tonight, but the rain adn the fact I'm going to the Clarks house has changed my plans. Maybe Thursday.

I swear, I'm done now.

Happy lyrics to make me smile.

I was in the process of compiling a list of lyrics that just make me feel happy inside and the computer crashed. Let's try again:

"It's never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder." - Jeff Buckley

"As you tried to describe the taste of a mouth with a dream inside." - Great Lakes

"Well if you think of this girl and the dreams that made her, write your secrets on hornet's nest paper and blow it high across the border." - Dar Williams

"I've been wondering what you meant when you asked 'Do you have a light?'" - Ani

"Rings of flowers 'round your eyes and I love you for the rest of your life." - Neutral Milk Hotel

"'Cause it's written on the body, it's on the tip of our tongues." - Johnatha Brooke

"I love you oh so well like a kid loves candy and fresh snow
I love you oh so well enough to fill up heaven overflow and fill hell." - Dave Matthews

"we laughed because the world is absurd and beautiful and small." - Ani

"Sometimes even music cannot substitute for tears." - Paul Simon

There's a million more, but that's all for now.

lunar cycles

Man, I really wish I cycled with the moon... that'd be so chthonic! And how often do we REALLY get to use that word in conversation? Anyhow.

I had my interview today. It sounds like unless I have an unknown crime in my past (which I may... read previous post) I'll get to work there, but I'll have to go through some training before I can work there regularly. And I'll need to buy professional liability insurance for post-partum care givers. So, we'll see. My aunt is also trying to get me a job at her hospital doing medical coding. Boring, but comes with a paycheck. So, who knows?

My aunt just got home and her dog is so excited!

Ummm.. that's about all I've got for now.

Thursday Hodgepodge

Not much coherence today, just random thoughts strung together:

I'm really moved by the funeral arrangements and commemorations for Pres. Reagan. It's partly because it's the first president I remember (I don't remember the Carter years very well, being 0-3 years old). The first presidential election I remember was the 84 when Mondale and Ferraro (I really wanted a female vp when I was 7) were running against Reagan and Bush. I remember sitting in the Montessori playground talking about politics with Kortney Groves, Melissa Camacho, and Laura Greene... Although Pat Farley may or may not have been involved, too. I guess I started into politics pretty early... I was a fan of Dukakis when I was 11, too. Even though the 11 year old in me thought the pee slogan was clever: George Bush don't Dukakis. It works better out loud. Anyhow, I'm also moved enormously by Nancy Reagan. I never had much interest in her when I was younger, but I do remember it being the first time I'd heard of breast cancer. And while in so many ways, I can't help but think that his death was merciful from this debilitating disease (if you've never met and/or loved anyone with Alzheimer's it's truly more devastating than could be imagined), her obvious love and grief make me want to reach out to her in some way...

Moving on.

I'm still working on Mary's scarf... and I'm SO tired of pink by now.

I had anoter weird dream about one of my kids from Pasadena. She was totally one of my favorites, and when I first met her, you couldn't understand a word she said, and she'd jibberjabber ALL the time. When she first learned to say "Heather" it came out as "Headyouuuuuuu" (someone said it sounded like she was speaking whale) but by the time I left, she was using wonderful sentences very appropriately, and when she didn't have the words she would use a sentence she knew that would sort of fit the bill. Anyhow, I had a dream that I had to say goodbye to her again, which was hard, but her mom wanted me to come with them to pick out a bathing suit for her (the girl) and then we'd eat lunch at the food court in the big Target that was right behind my office. There was something else, but I can't quite put my finger on it at the moment.

I had a message on my voice mail this morning from an Officer Someone with the Colorado State Police. It was about making an appointment up to a week in advance, and he'd try the other number. It was likely a wrong number, but I was afraid I'd forgotten something REALLY important... like a crime I'd commited, or a court date, or something... I hope I didn't.

I want a job. I want a new computer. I want to be back in school. All things in their time, I suppose.

the problem with jazz...

So, I went to an open mic up in Boulder last night. I've been scouring the area for good ones, and so far have found 2 (note: typically stay away from open mics in bars, especially if you're near a college... the frat boys tend to do a lot of dave matthews covers, and since they're drunk, and dmb is hard to play, it doesn't turn out well). I'm looking for ones wherein they don't chastise you for playing covers, but where there's a decent amount of original stuff, too. But last night, I drove up to Boulder (it's about 1/2 hour), brought my knitting (see Mary, I haven't forgot the scarf which is only about 6 months late!), and a book, and settled in... There were only 2 people playing, both of whom didn't interest me much, and then they had a featured performer (which surprised me at an open mic) who played jazz guitar with a drummer. I listened to him for about 30 minutes, and once the fabulous thunderstorm that I was watching for a good portion of the evening subsided enough, I went back to my car, and drove home watching the fantastic lightning show and trying to see the lines on the highway. As far as open mics go, it was a little of this, a little of that. I purposely went this week because a lot of the CU students would have gone home, and I'd get to see a bit more of the local talent. I'll probably go again in a few weeks. I'm going to the one at Common Grounds again tomorrow night. I'm undecided as to whether I'll play or not.

I have a job interview Friday. cross yer fingers.

Just for Trina

I have no pictures of me to post. Sorry. Tell Mary to hop in her Mustang with you and Annie and come and see it for yourself!

they begin again...

So, I've been having weird dreams again lately. I can't remember them all, but last night's was VERY interesting (at least what I can remember):

My apartment was a strange combination f my current apartment, and my apartment in Maine... It had a MASSIVE bathroom situation. There was a really nice sunken jaccuzi tub, a european shower, a dressing area (it was about as big as my apartment is now), with 2 dorrs leading off of it. They led into a very strange little barn-themed extra bathroom with a huge shower/tub and 2 shower stalls, and off of this room, there was a room with a couch. My sister was there. I was taking care of a baby... Who looked a lot like Gonzo. The Muppet. But it wasn't a Gonzo creature, it was a different one. And all of a sudden, there was a helicopter searching for the baby I was watching in the room with the couch, and so I got off the couch, put the weird baby UNDER the couch, and in busts... Gonzo who thought it was his baby...

It was VERY hot last night, maybe that had something to do with it.

I had someone leave me a message on my phone yesterday about a job where I'd help parents of newborns adjust... She said my resume and references looked great, the one area of need was: "I'm concerned about your lack of lactation experience." I didn't know lactation was something that you could practice. It's not really a voluntary action.

The great Moth Invasion?

There are thousands of moths that hang out at twilight. There might be 12, there may be millions, what with my inability to visually estimate numbers, but there's WAY too many of them around these days. Last night I had to chase about 7 of them out via a complicated system of turning lights on and off in a path that led out the door. It makes me think of a line from an Ani song (just bought "Evolve" which won a grammy for cover design - part of which is feeding into my moth horror, so it's on my mind... review to follow):

and there's this moth outside my kitchen door
she's bonkers for that bare bulb
flying round in circles
bashing in her exoskull
and out in the woods she navigates fine by the moon
but get her around a light bulb and she's doomed

As far as what I think of the album, I still love what she does with the language and how she manipulates it to evoke great imagery and emotion.... but I just don't like where she's been headed musically the past 4-5 years... It's just a preference, but so much of her music embodies the contemporary/avant garde New Orleans Jazz sound that just drives me insane... So, right now, I'm an advocate of her progression of a musician, her poetic brilliance, but not a huge musical fan these days.

Anyhow, it's hot today. Yesterday I went to the People's Fair and roamed around. It turns out I don't think that's fun when alone. But I got some sunshine on my shoulders and the early awakenings of a tan... but that's not all that tricky for me to do.

No job. Not much new. Wait! I got my hair cut and colored this weekend and finally put my caramel stripes around. It took FOREVER (she was sort of new, but really good at what she does)... around 3 hours. But as I had very few other plans, it was all good.

I am trying to evolve...
I'm just trying to evolve...

I forgot

I went to the open mic at Common Grounds last night. The person who was supposed to bring the sound system never showed up so it was truly acoustic. I went for the sole purpose of casing and listening. 2 middle aged men (ex-hippies, one of whom tried very unflatteringly to hit on me by talking about my book and telling me how he's part of the system now since he bought a house and pays property taxes. I didn't know he was hitting on me until his inebriated friend told me. Either my radar's off, or he's really bad at it) who played Jimmy Buffet and Led Zepplin and some very bluesy original stuff, and a younger guy who did some (very good) DAve Matthews covers. Maybe I SHOULD show up next week to throw some folk and estrogen in the mix.

Some Fridays just ain't worth it...

So, I've had another mixed bag day. Very short synopsis:

flat tire
bought new tire
caught in rain
more migraine
letter from John Kerry
2 new cd's (I know, I have no money, but music is like groceries)
hair cut and color tomorrow
migraine medicine makes me nauseous
bought shampoo

Laundry day...

I got the new Alanis Morissette album a week or so ago. I also have Under Rug Swept (why would you let Yoda title an angry girl album?). And I've come to the following conclusion. The songs by Alanis Morissette that I like, I really like. The one's I dislike, I REALLY dislike. And I tend to like 1-2 songs per album. Cases in point:

Jagged Little Pill: "All I Really Want" makes me dance and stuff... I really like the acoustic MTV Music awards version of "You Oughta Know" but it's really hard to find these days.
(I haven't really tried, though)

Under Rug Swept: "So Unsexy" is the only song I like... Musically I like "Hands Clean" but it SO grosses me out that it sort of ruins it for me.

So-Called Chaos: I (gasp) love the single "Everything" The rest of the album? It drives me bananas.

I also can't stand that Los Lonley Boys "Heaven" song either.

Please keep in mind, that this is a process for me, and typically once I've made a definitive statement about disliking a song, I usually wind up loving it.

I'm almost finished reading E. Annie Proulx's Accordion Crimes. It's much like The Shipping News in that I don't like it. However, 2-3 years after I read The Shipping News, I had an uncontrollable urge to read it again, and I really liked it. Maybe it's something I have to let stew for a few years?

I appear to not be able to commit to opinions. Oh well.

Is the romance worth it?

I was walking my dog, letting him... well have a poo, as it were, and I was up to my knees in the weeds and grasses in my backyard (unclear as to who is supposed to take care of it... although some mystery wonderful person mowed the front yard... thanks!), and I was reminded of Maine.

When I moved to Maine, in addition to my really hard, depressing job taking care of kids with mental illness and helping their families change their ways so they wouldn't be removed from their custody and thrown into the foster care system, I took a light, fun job during the fall and summer. Or summer and fall, if you like things chronologically. Anyhow, I digress. I was working as an assistant to a photograper, and it being summer and fall in Maine, we did a ton of weddings.

The first wedding we did was an outdoor wedding, in a field, on a cliff, over the sea in Spruce Head, Maine. It was an expensive wedding, the tent for the reception was lovely, and the day was a photographer's dream... slightly overcast, reducing the need for gobos, filters, etc, diffusing the light perfectly. But as the bride walked across the field in her dress, got married, and whatnot, we were taking some close pictures of her and her husband. And I decided right then and there that I'd NEVER have an outdoor wedding (I've never wanted one, so it wasn't a hardship). The number of crickets crawling on and up her dress, between the lovely layers of organza, satin, and chiffon really freaked me out. If you've spent any significant time with me, you know I have a SERIOUS bug phobia... centered primaril around roaches and crickets... they make me want to barf.

So kids, before you decide to run across a field of daisies and get married up a tree (Yes, I know someone who did that), think about how close to nature you REALLY want to be in your lovely clothes.


Typically, I don't like bugs. But at Friday's, I love their Junebugs. Yum.

So, today was my belated birthday pedicure. it was the BEST pedicure I've ever had, complete with hot stone massage and pretty polish (yes, a lovely, sherbet-y shade of frosty orange), I needed a nap afterward. So I took one. Then I paid my rent, and now I'm online in Lakewood, CO.

But can we please review and find out how it's already June? I suppose that's good because that means I'm starting school in 3 months, but, this year is flying by way too fast.

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