mittens make me happy

corrugated ribbing, however, does not.

i've mastered the italian tubular cast on (except for the initial fiddliness of it, but that's the nature of the beast). i've memorized the corrugated ribbing pattern. er, the semi-corrugated ribbing pattern, that is. because i've done the cuff 5 times on the first anemoi mitten. yay! anyhow, here was what i had as of last night:

anemoi mitten, take one 001
(i'm completely blanking on the yarn i am using here)

tension's pretty awful in the ribbing, yes? that's because it's FREAKISHLY TINY. and because the tension was a pain in the arse to get right, which i didn't necessarily do.

i got only like 12 rows into it and the back looked like this:
anemoi mitten, take one 003

the palm looked like this:
anemoi mitten, take one 002

i switched colors between my left hand and my right hand because the pattern was being eaten. i also thought there wasn't a good enough color contrast between the CC and the MC.

so i started from scratch and frogged it.

rip rip rip rip. two-color frogging is just annoying. but not as annoying as semi-corrugated ribbing.

i took the opal that i was using for the norwegian stockings and paired it with the mystery off-white. (green is MC, off-white is CC). i did the cuffs in size 1 needles (to be fair, they're addis US1, which is really a US 1.5, even so it's a little tight getting over my giant hand) and i've gotten this much done as of tonight:

anemoi mitten, the second 001

tension's still pretty crap in the ribbing, but i'm fairly certain that use and blocking will help even that out over time. the straightforward stranded knitting is actually not really that much of an issue, after i got my yarn dominance straightened out.

hopefully i'll get some more done fairly quickly - it's actually pretty quick knitting... but because of the asymmetry of the pattern on the back of the mitten, i'm pretty much married to the charts, so it's not great for TV watching...

at least most of my shows are on hiatus.


Anonymous Saturday, December 16, 2006 2:32:00 am  

Looks good, H.

Anonymous Monday, December 18, 2006 10:09:00 am  

Fabulous. I've decided to break down and use part of my Xmas bonus to buy yarn for these mittens. It'll be a little Anemoi-along!

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