knitting pragmatist

since i've started knitting in earnest, i find myself incredibly reticent to buy sweaters. i look at them (especially cheapie ones from places like old navy) and think "i could make that in much nicer yarn from someplace sorta cheapy like knitpicks, do a better job, and it would cost less."

but what with the omnipresence of cableknit sweaters these days, i'm having an alternate thought: i could unvent that cable, and knit it for myself.

the only sweaters i'm tempted to buy are the tiny tiny ultrafine gauge knit sweaters that i'd never make - for instance a knee-length duster machine knit on what appears to be size 000000000000 needles.

but my temptation is fleeting, and then pragmatism takes over again.

however the result is, that i currently have very few sweaters because it takes time and resources to knit sweaters, people.

holy crap, what a boring post.

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