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it's about knitting, which does nothing for him at all.

okey dokey - first up? my momma's jaywalkers!

making socks for my mom is interesting. she has two drastically different sized feet, so i made them in two different sizes on addi 2.5mm needles (which are technically US1.5 needles, and not the US1s they purport to be. stupid addi). one of which was in the larger sized, 9" foot. the other was in an even larger 10" foot size. it may have been from the mods available on grumperina's page for making a larger jaywalker, but i honestly didn't look at that.

momma's napping feet

notice the difference in lengths? that's also because of the size difference - those bad boys are precisely the same length in the leg. stupid cuff-down socks... if they were toe up, we wouldn't have had that problem, mark my words... anyhow, i could have made them toe-up but didn't. here's the FO report!

right jaywalker

pattern: grumperina's jaywalkers
yarn: lorna's laces supersock in georgetown
needles: addi turbo 2.5mm
date started: um, dunno. 2 weeks before my mom left for rome? so late november?
date finished: um, again, dunno. after she got back from rome because i had to wait to have her try them on before i grafted the toe on the second sock.
pattern mods: made it bigger. used larger needles. made the toe wider and boxier and less form-fitting upon the recipient's request. made the socks 2 different sizes which resulted in drastically different stripe widths from one sock to the next.

hey! i finally understand grafting!

holy crap!  I can graft!


Cathi Thursday, December 28, 2006 5:32:00 pm  

You are a crazy kitchener stud. Why can't you move back here and teach me?

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